Fraud Prevention Support

PCMS ensures your fraud prevention is delivered in a discreet and efficient manner. Giving you the security of knowing the solution is delivered in the most cost effective way.

Maintain the credibility of your brand

Fraud hotlines are a necessity in most businesses. The need to have a dedicated line for employees and customers to call when they suspect fraudulent activity. Callers need to be reassured that they can make calls in a discreet and secure environment and talk to trusted advisors. The delivery of such a hotline comes at a cost to the retailer. Agents require detailed knowledge of your business, practices and ethos and need to work with accuracy and discretion. While retailers will hope few calls are received on this line there will be times of increased activity followed by slumps in productivity. This means retailers are stuck providing an essential but frequently quiet service.

Benefits of outsourcing your fraud prevention line to PCMS:

  • Reduced costs – the business costs of operating an in-house team are eliminated
  • Increase profits – allowing suspected fraudulent activity to be identified and reported in a discreet manner
  • Efficient processes – effectively re-deploying resources allows for in-house processes to become more productive

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