Concierge Services

Customers rely on retailers to help them make the right buying decisions and increasingly expect a more personalised service.

Personalise the sale

The objective for retailers is to be efficient through use of technology but to provide a personalised customer experience. This is instinctive when the customer is in store and you have well-trained knowledgeable advisors but it gets increasingly difficult with telephone and online channels. PCMS provide a service which goes beyond customer service or order taking. We train advisors to establish customer’s needs through careful questioning or using the data available to them – order history and header record information. Each time we make a contact we have an opportunity to learn a little more and record it so that the next contact can be more effective.

Provide excellent service

As customers elect to use online eCommerce sites rather than traditional methods of ordering, the emphasis is on personalising the customer experience through technology but this becomes ever more complex with scale. PCMS offer concierge services for eCommerce through use of interactive chat and call-back order confirmations. These are designed to replicate the service a well-trained shop assistant will provide in-store.

Our concierge solution delivers:

  • Assistance for customers regardless of channel
  • Upselling on orders
  • Reduced returns

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