Pre-sale and post-sale support

The customer’s experience should be at the forefront of every retailer’s multi-channel strategy. Providing great customer satisfaction at every stage of the buying process is vital.

Increase sales with better product knowledge

It is essential for all retailers and their employees to have excellent product knowledge. This expands beyond the bricks and mortar environment; customers shopping online for example require the same level of assistance. Both pre-sale and post-sale queries can be handled by our contact centre. Resolving queries efficiently can help you build your sales and minimise the number of returns. PCMS understand that websites may not hold all the information necessary to answer potential customer queries and this is why we provide pre-sales support. We ensure our advisors have used the products wherever possible so that they can answer questions about weight and materials and be able to express personal experiences in making recommendations or answering questions. In some cases this allows them to close the sale; in other cases it avoids a costly and unnecessary return in future. Our success is then measured through up-sales.

Post-sale support builds customer loyalty

In addition we provide post-sale support which can begin with simple product usage enquiries. The early stages of ownership are crucial to customer satisfaction and PCMS recognises that dealing with queries correctly at this stage can avoid costly issues later on and determine customer loyalty. The product familiarity is just as important at this stage. Our success is measured in first contact resolution – taking ownership and resolving the customer’s query at the first time of asking. PCMS will ensure that all queries regardless of when they are received in the buying process are resolved as efficiently as possible.

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