Affiliate marketing

Your customers are your best advert, so encourage them to spread the word by creating engaging rewards for your customers.

Affiliate Marketing Platform

BuddyBuy gives you a simple way to reward customers for recommending your business to their friends. It can grow your consumer base, reward loyalty and can help you be heard above everyone else’s social marketing noise. Retailers can also build and enhance relationships by engaging with the local community. The user friendly application manages the whole process for you. Once you launch, sit back and watch as your customers involve their friends in your deals.

Works with your existing publishing channels
  • Publish the deal on social channels
  • Use your existing email, SMS, newsletters and websites
  • Integrate with third party publishers and member portals
Notifications & vouchers
  • Notifications and vouchers are triggered automatically
  • Vouchers support unique codes, barcodes and QR codes
  • Codes can be generated internally or provided by you in batch or generated automatically
  • You can be notified as a code is given so that you can update your systems
You have complete control
  • Choose the type of deal and the rewards
  • Set the rules and the number that you want to give away
  • Choose the colors, the font and the images
  • Set the amount of time for sign up and for redemption – create some urgency!
  • Write the words – say it your way!

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