Order management

Orchestrate the order management process across all shopping channels to provide a superior level of customer service.

Connected Commerce

The borders between digital commerce and physical stores in what’s often referred to as ‘Clicks & Bricks’ have significantly blurred and are changing the way consumers shop. With margins ever tighter and store real estate not getting any cheaper there’s more of a need than ever before to offer an extended range to consumers. Retailers need to reduce stock holding and source stock from ‘anywhere’ to save the sale, shift merchandise and maximise shop floor space. But having the stock in another location is only one element; making it visible to your sales associates and providing the tools to requisition the stock either by placing on order for home delivery or for collection in another store is quite another story. Order Management has become the heart to truly realising ‘retail on demand’ and is a necessity to ultimately provide the fulfilment behind the retail promise. It is a complicated area, as Order Management stretches into the far reaches of the retail supply chain to actually get the desired item from the warehouse to the customer’s door.

Order Management tools provide:

  • A single view of customer
  • Single view of stock
  • Fixed in-store PoS and mobile tablet enabled ordering capabilities
  • Message orchestration and integration to other systems (e.g. WMS, ERP, CRM etc.)
  • Current order status
  • In flight order amendment
  • In-store payment and deposits
  • Assisted selling and in-store clienteling capabilities

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