Self Scan Checkout

Makes established PoS functionality and payment available to self-service terminals.

The VISION Commerce Suite solution works with leading industry Self-Scan Checkout (SCO) solutions that are widely implemented in the global retail market. The technology allows retailers to implement a SCO solution from one of the many leading global vendors by deploying the VISION BeanStore PoS application on the device acting as a set of ‘services’ working in conjunction with the SCO application.

Key services include:

  • Product and price data
  • Staff logon credentials
  • Promotion calculation
  • Rich product data
  • Card payment handling
  • Receipt production

Keep consistency of prices and promotions

The customers using the solution interact with the SCO lane software provided by the manufacturer, and the BeanStore solution remains ‘invisible’ working in the background. This means that a retailer can deploy one solution into the estate of stores that can operate both regular PoS registers and SCO devices. Keeping discounts, promotions and loyalty rewards schemes the same on all devices. VISION Commerce Suite can also be deployed on mobile devices, in-store kiosks and weighing scales, allowing you to connect multiple touchpoints in your retail environment through common data and technology.

Card payment and security

With the advent of tighter security around payment applications in store, BeanStore uses a separate secure payment module for the handling of all card transactions and links to acquirers and banks. Card security is not a concern with self-scan checkout solutions, as BeanStore uses the same application for regular registers and SCO devices; the same secure card payment module is also used.


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