We’ll help you build sales and relationships, regardless of the systems and channels you use

Supporting a multi-channel strategy

Retail systems and business models are constantly evolving. We’ll help you achieve a truly integrated multi-channel approach, by fitting seamlessly with your legacy systems and steadily improving your operations. Our hub acts as your CRM base for customer contact, driving diarised outbound communication but also ensuring that inbound and online contact is recorded and reportable through a single location. Our Contact Centre systems are cost-effective and operate in a free-standing environment. We will never let you down.

Migration made easy

We’ve worked with many retailers through migration periods, delivering and maintaining high levels of customer service even through periods of rapid change.

Intelligent approach

Our team uses our natural attentiveness and captured information to ensure we track and understand customer behaviour. Every function acts in a coherent, consistent manner, and every advisor is committed to adding value to your operations. We’re ready to up-sell, and offer support for web, social and customer call-backs.

We deliver:

  • Cost-efficiency and high value
  • Speedy implementation
  • No reliance on client legacy infrastructure
  • Larger average order values

Find out how our Contact Centre solutions can help retailers enhance sales

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Digital and Omni Channel Integration

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Customer Engagement

Engaging your customer is something we believe passionately in helping you to achieve. Our Loyalty Lite, Coupon Digital Wallet and Consumer Scan/Pay/Go solutions will surprise and delight your customers – ensuring their engagement with your brand is consistent and relevant to the channels they use.

Continuous Improvement

Retailers should not have to firefight support issues! The service you provide deserves constant attention and processes in place to help improve it.

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