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In addition to providing efficient and productive contact centre services, PCMS shares its expertise through offering consultancy for businesses with problems to solve.

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PCMS’ approach is different. Our consulting is delivered by people who do the job day-in-day-out in our own contact centres. We participate in industry bodies and events to ensure we stay on top of technology and practices. We believe that a well-run, well-planned contact centre can focus on delivering the right results. When things get out of control, there is always a reason and so there is always a solution. We aren’t selling technology or services. Our approach is to deliver a short consulting exercise – from 2 to 10 days is typical – which gets a basic understanding of your business, compares your current contact centre operation with best practice, diagnoses any problems or areas of risk, and then delivers the solution by supporting the existing team to get back on the right track. Often just some small adjustments can transform performance and set the team to deliver consistently going forward.

We believe in short, highly effective consulting assignments that benchmark performance against best practice, diagnose problems and provide a recovery path by coaching the existing team. All too often, boards see the contact centre growing and growing but they don’t see a return on investment – service levels carry on being missed, customers are complaining and sales aren’t increasing. Occasionally new services are launched and stakeholders want a little consultancy support to help the project team transition within budget and without affecting customers. Every contact centre operates under the same principles; following some simple basics can therefore solve a lot of problems very quickly.

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