Customer journey mapping

We look into the heart of your customer experience, generating root cause analysis that allows you to fix first, then take advantage of the things you’ve learned.

Ask the questions that matter

You know what experience you are trying to deliver to your customers. PCMS advisors help you to understand how close you are to achieving it. Our insight takes into account every stage of the customer journey – from product promotion to entering store or website to sale to after-sale. At every stage, we anticipate and respond to questions about store layout, sizes, staff availability, specialist fitting services and crucially, would I shop there again?

Everyday improvement

Many marginal gains can have a huge impact over a short time period. Our aim is to find and then finesse – identifying issues and then giving you the tools you need to turn them to your advantage. These ‘moments of truth’ are our specialty – why not unleash them on your business?

Find out how our Contact Centre can improve the customer experience

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Problem Management

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Managed IT services

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