Voice of the custmer

What are your customers really telling you? By capturing thousands of interactions and asking pertinent questions, we spot trends and give you actionable insight to transform your customer experience.

Personas & profiles

You’ve spent time developing personas of your key customers based on age, ordering habits and other demographics. Hearing what their experience is builds customer understanding among your teams. Once each persona is developed and you’ve designed personalised experiences and campaigns for each, PCMS can provide the insight on how well you are servicing your customer segments. With PCMS, you can fine tune and develop campaigns that focus on specific needs and improvements that will revolutionise CX for the many.

Customer heartbeat

We’re experts in identifying customer heartbeats – those moments of truth that deliver wider understanding to your entire organisation.

A systematic approach

Our four-step process delivers insight at every turn. We understand customer thoughts and feelings, capture data and identify data gaps, improve experiences through analytics and then set tangible targets and measure our progress.

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