Retail PoS system

PCMS’ VISION BeanStore is a world-leading next generation Point of Sale (PoS) software solution. The system is designed to meet multiple requirements across many different retail sectors.

Part of the VISION Commerce Suite retail portfolio, VISION BeanStore is an award-winning retail PoS system that facilitates omni-channel retailing. The established global installation base is supported 24 x 365 by the PCMS Service Desk. VISION BeanStore is PCMS’ pure Java PoS software solution servicing multi-sector, multi-channel, multi-country and multi-tiered retailing. Platform independent, and based on a flexible layered architecture, VISION BeanStore is the preferred system for some of the world’s leading retail organisations across all market sectors. To date it has been chosen by over 140 retailers representing over 250,000 selling points across 57 countries.

What makes it the system of choice for retailers?

  • True multi-channel, multi-format solution from a single architecture
  • Platform and OS independence for long-term viability
  • Total flexibility to suit any sector, market or locality
  • Retail-specific Java infrastructure
  • Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • System-wide information updates from a single, central database

Internationally, the VISION software suite supports multiple languages, date and time formats, multiple currencies, EFT interfacing, fiscal adaption and the addition of general country specifics.

Transform your PoS with our proven retail system

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