Weigh Scale

Offers Supermarket and Convenience retailers an integrated PoS and weigh scale solution that uses the same core software and merchandising data as the PoS solution, greatly reducing data synchronisation and consistency issues.

PCMS work with the market leading weigh scale suppliers to integrate our WeighPoint application onto their devices, offering retailers a simple customer facing solution for weighing and pricing loose products. The WeighPoint software is a personality of the VISION BeanStore PoS solution, the software and the data sources are the same, meaning retailers can be confident of having consistent price, promotion and transaction information across all selling operations including the weighing scale within the store.

This solution can be implemented in:

  • Delicatessen counters
  • Fresh Meat
  • Fresh Fish
  • Bakery
  • Customer self-service weighing

A simple customer facing solution for weighing and pricing loose products

The modern weigh scale devices can also have additional peripherals attached to it such as a cash drawer, scanner and printer, allowing the scale to be used as a full PoS. In a complicated retail landscape, the WeighPoint solution provides retailers the simplicity of partnering with a single provider. This allows the store to focus on servicing the customer while ensuring robust legal compliance and technical ease for the business.


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