Internal theft in retail

With internal theft presenting a major problem for most retailers, many are turning to PCMS to help identify and prevent loss at the point of sale and other related areas of risk.

New technology makes theft easier

The detection and prevention of internal theft poses a significant challenge across all retail sectors. With loss-generating transactions almost invisible amongst the millions of ‘real’ ones made every day, retailers have an uphill struggle to spot evidence of internal theft among the genuine activity. Certain sales transactions present a greater risk to retail businesses, whether they occur in isolation or are part of a more widespread problem. These instances of internal theft can occur because modern day retail point of sale (PoS) solutions allow for better customer service, but they can also be manipulated by those who use them. PCMS VISION Loss Prevention provides a solution that enables you to detect and prevent internal retail theft, fraud and other losses at tills.

Types of internal theft

Some losses caused by cashiers may be a result of human error, due to poor understanding of how to use the till correctly or failure to comply with business processes. However, the majority are the result of internal theft or fraud at the point of sale (PoS) in the form of:

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