PoS analysis

The analysis of retail transaction data can help identify losses caused at the point of sale (PoS) by cashiers.

Industry best practice: control, deter, detect

All retail businesses capture a vast amount of PoS data across their operations on a daily basis; this can be exploited to help improve business efficiency. The PCMS VISION Loss Prevention data mining solution uses a complex set of forensic analysis techniques to successfully detect – and prevent – losses occurring at point of sale.

Losses at the PoS fall into three main categories:

  • Incompetent cashiers who cause real and ‘paper’ loss by not understanding how to use the till correctly or the expected business processes
  • Cashiers who understand the processes yet fail to comply
  • Internal theft or PoS fraud, whereby the point of sale functionality is deliberately manipulated

The set of intuitive, graphical modules designed to simplify data analysis allows even non-technical users to identify and investigate PoS fraud and other types of retail loss. By converting complex data into simple actionable information and making it available to business users, VISION Loss Prevention empowers you to deliver a significant reduction in overall retail shrinkage. In turn, this will have a direct positive impact on your bottom line.

Comprehensive analysis

Our loss prevention uses a full range of analytical techniques, video integration and latest methodologies including detailed trend analysis. Complex analytical rules and algorithms are automatically applied to PoS transaction data as soon as it becomes available. As a result, sales data abnormalities at both transaction and cashier levels that would otherwise be undetectable can be pinpointed and addressed instantly –before the losses grow into an unrecoverable problem.

Revolutionise the way you view your PoS data

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