Retail system alerting and monitoring

With data becoming more critical than ever to retail business operations, system alerting and monitoring is essential to ensure stability and availability.

PCMS’ state-of-the-art enterprise monitoring solutions take retail application alerting and monitoring to a new level with PoS business requirements being instrumental in driving the system’s management. Best-in-breed monitoring tools alert you promptly to any issue, so they can be resolved with minimal impact to trading.

Key benefits of retail alerting & monitoring solutions

  • Identifies failure patterns, issues and technical problems covering a wider business-driven context
  • Detects functional and technical issues across the retail estate
  • Assists with the impact analysis, diagnosis and resolution of problems
  • Can be extended to embrace new functional and non-functional enhancements to the PoS applications and services
  • Designed, presented and secured for a range of users, from business operators right down to the 3rd line support technicians

Know what’s going on in your retail estate at all times

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